Episode 00: Introduction / The Agent + The Proposal

Welcome to The Cookbook Deal, Also The Weirdest Year Of My Life, a podcast series brought to you by me (Jessica Murnane) and One Part Podcast. Over the next six weeks (maybe seven) I’ll be taking you through the entire year I spent making my cookbook, One Part Plant. I’ve recorded the entire process, all the ins and outs, the ups and the meltdowns, and so many things in between. Things that I could have never expected.

We’ll be getting into that weirdness and also the actual process of making this book in the coming episodes. I recorded it all. And I mean, ALL. 

But in this first episode, it’s more of an introduction. I wanted to give you a little background into what needs to happen before you’re able to get a book deal. Because those are the questions I get asked most. How do you find an agent? How much do you pay her? How do you make a proposal? How long does it take from writing the proposal to getting the deal? And the most common question after someone finds out I’m writing a book for a major publisher...how’d YOU do that?  

I thought this would be a good place to start. So hang tight if you came here for the drama and emotional moments, those will be happening very soon, and often. I promise. As in the next episode. 


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